Hi, I'm Riku Seppälä and this is page is my central presence on the web. I come from Finland and live in Montreal. I'm A Business Strategist And Corporate Information Systems Developer. Currently I'm Working on My Masters Thesis In Business Strategy. I'm A Firm Believer Of The Clan Of Getting Things Done. On my page you can find links to my CV and the projects I'm working on at the moment.

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    Saturday, 21 February 2009

    On Hacking from Fora.tv

    Watch the video, sort of scary... But more than scary, it's exciting!

    Saturday, 7 February 2009

    Aalto Entrepreneurship Society

    We threw the first Aaltoes Startup Evening a week ago, this is an updated tag cloud of the feedback we got by the crowd.

    Problem: “What holds back Finland (& Aalto University) from realizing its entrepreneurial potential?”

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    Solutions to: “What can Finland (& Aalto University) do to unleash its entrepreneurial potential?”

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    Innovation or... not?

    There's a very thin line between actually having an innovation or not. We're starting up a company, and there doesn't seem to be very many people who find our idea innovative or something new. People just don't get it. It sort of seems obvious to the point of being lame. But it doesn't exist.

    I'm reading a book called "Leaders" by Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus. They're telling me that by definition, an innovation is something that is not accepted at first. Its an idea that looks foolish, impractical or unfeasible. I guess our idea falls under foolish. I remember reading that Mark Zuckerberg was very unsure if the idea of Facebook would catch on. That he was very close to stopping the development several times.

    So I think it must be like that. If you want to create something new, you have to be unsure about the success. People shouldn't get it right away. Get the proto out and then ask them again. Wow.

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